Telephone Counselling

I offer telephone counselling which means it doesn't matter where you are located and as long as you have a private place to take yourself away from interuption we will conduct the session in the same way a face to face session would proceed and you get to stay in the comfort of your own home. Telephone counselling may be chosen by people because they feel safer at home or they are unable to leave the house due to a dissability, old age or experience agraphobia. Others purely find it easier to open up when they are at a safe distance.

f you would like telephone counselling then please either use my contact page or call me to arrange an assessment session over the telephone at a convenient time for both of us. Just as with face to face counselling the assessment will last for 50 minutes where I will gather information about what brings you to counselling and what you hope to gain from the sessions.  If we agree to work together some more I will send a copy of my contract out to you. Payment for telephone counselling will be paid prior to the session beginning via bank transfer. If you wish to pay via cheque you will need to pay a month in advance before our regular weekly sessions begin.