Understanding Your Eating

I am very interested in working with emotional eating and disordered eating and I have trained with Professor Julia Buckroyd whom has developed the Understanding Your Eating Programme. The UYE is designed to help you to understand your relationship with food and how you may use food to deal with your feelings and also teaches you how you can start to use other ways to regulate your emotions.
I am offering to work with you on the first part of the UYE programme which is an introduction and is designed to help you discover if you are an emotional eater and consists of the following five modules.

Module 1:- Eating is not just about hunger
Module 2:- Eating to manage feelings
Module 3:- Self esteem and how it helps you to look after yourself better
Module 4:- Improving body esteem
Module 5:- Using people instead of food to get you through the day

Please see my services and price page for the introductory programme price.
There is a second part of the programme which consists of nine free standing modules and will be available from myself in the near future.